From the team at Turnkey Property Management, we thank you for considering us for your management and leasing needs. We recognize the great responsibility you are considering us for, and are truly honored to make your short list. Investing in the GTA can be daunting and intimidating. Rest assured that Turnkey Property Management is here to assist you every step of the way. Our team of trained professionals is here to make the transition from purchaser to investor an easy task. We pride ourselves in our committed treatment of your investment as if it was our own, and we thrive in maximizing your profits.

The Listing Process

1) Preparation- Before placing your suite on the market, prepare your condo to the best of your ability. Minor repairs such as paint touch ups, freshening caulking and a deep clean will go a long way. Addressing the small issues ahead of time will make your unit more appealing to prospective tenants.

2) Notification- Be sure to notify the appropriate parties that you are going to be listing your suite with Turnkey Property Management. Check with your property management that you have all the appropriate documents to do so.

3) Contact- Give Turnkey Property Management a call or email us to get a free rental evaluation. Take the time to determine which service best fits your budget.

4) Meeting- Schedule a meeting with one of our team members to walk you through our program. It is best to meet at the property you plan to list in order to better understand what we are potentially listing.

5) List- TMK will go through all of the necessary paperwork to officially list or manage your unit. We will upload it to the MLS system and install a lockbox.

6) Offer- When someone is interested in your suite, an offer will be drawn up and presented to you. You will have a period of time to review and either accept or decline. Our office will ensure to only present qualified tenants to you, making your decision process an easy one.

7) Tenant Selection- Once you have accepted an offer, we will perform our 10 step verification process on the prospect. We will ensure the prospective tenant is property vetted prior to signing a lease.

8) Lease & Deposit- After selecting a qualified tenant, Turnkey Property Management will draw up a lease for the new tenant (and you if applicable) to sign. At this time we will gather any outstanding deposits and postdated cheques.

9) Move in & Key exchange- On the day of move in, our office will meet with the new tenant and exchange keys. We will do an inspection to note any defects. A copy of the inspection report will be forwarded to you in your final package.

10) Package & Funds- A copy of the lease, utility verification, postdated cheques and the necessary documentation will be mailed out to you within 7 business days of the tenant moving in. Outstanding funds will be mailed out in this package or directly deposited into your account.