How do I apply for a rental unit with Turnkey Property Management?

To apply for one of our suites simply express that interest to your realtor and they will prepare an offer to lease and application for you to fill out. Prior to viewing properties you will want to have a recent,full credit report pulled along with photo identification and pay stubs or a job letter. Your agent will compile all these documents and submit a formal offer to the prospective landlord. You will need to have first and last months rent in certified funds if your offer is accepted.

Can my landlord enter my unit without permission?

Your Landlord is to provide you with 24hrs notice prior to entering your suite. They can request access by providing you written notice and only enter between 8 am and 8pm ( unless you have authorized outside of this time frame). If you have given your landlord notice to vacate, they may enter your suite with “as much notice as possible”. Read here for more information from the landlord and tenant board-

How much notice do I need to provide before I vacate?

As a tenant in Ontario, you are required to provide your landlord with 60 written notice to vacate. Check out our resource centre for helpful forms.

Can my landlord raise my rent?

Your landlord is entitled to a rent increase every 12 months in most cases.  They must provide you with written notice at least 90 days before the increase  takes effect. Each year the LTB act allows Landlords a certain percentage per annum that they can raise your rent by. Please note: there is no set percentage that is allotted for buildings occupied on or after November 1, 1991.

Am I allowed to sublet my unit?

You must ask your landlord if subletting is allowed unless it is stipulated in the lease otherwise. Most landlords are accepting granted you provide them with a reasonable reason and a qualified tenant. If you sublet without your landlords approval you may face eviction so be sure to check with them first.